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Our Mission


Creativity exists in many different forms. Our goal is to discover opportunities to create in all circumstances, especially those in which traditional methods of creation are not possible.


Concordia was founded with one goal: to make a positive, measurable impact on our communities. We seek to make this impact by telling powerful and influential stories in addition to fundraising for our chosen organizations.


The spirit of Concordia is grounded in community. We look to build a community of artists with diverse interests but who share a common goal to help others through creation. 

The Concordia Team


Anna Kirsch

Head of Live



Aidan McGuire

Head of Film


Karah Sikora

Head of Audio

The Concordia Story

December, 2019

Concordia Productions began because a 16 year old girl was outrageously bored and decided to put on an original play with her friends while also raising money for charity. She gathered a writer, cast, and performance venue and Concordia Performing Arts Company was born. 

July, 2020

After four successful livestreams, resulting in over $1000 raised for organizations like Feeding America, World Vision, and the St. Jude House, the Concordia team reevaluates the goals set for the company, resulting in a "rebrand."

March, 2020

Barely two months before opening night of Concordia's first show, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S and the event was cancelled. Armed with an excess amount of time and the insanity that can only come from being locked in with your family for weeks on end, the Concordia team pivoted from their original idea, and created the PACLive livestreams.

September, 2020

Now called Concordia Productions, the goal of the company is to continue to explore new creative service opportunities within constricting circumstances, and to do so while emphasizing a supportive, engaged community. 

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